Cookies policy

  1. Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit an online Offer.  If you access this Online Offer another time, your browser will transmit the content of the cookies to that provider, thus allowing the re-identification of the terminal.  Reading cookies allows us to optimally set up the online Offers and to thus facilitate their use.


When you visit our web pages, a pop-up window will be displayed asking you if you agree to the use of cookies on our page or want to disable them from the settings.


If you decide to block the cookies, your browser has a blocking option.  This cookie is exclusively for the purpose of allocating your objection.  Disabling cookies may disable individual features of our web pages.  Please note that for technical reasons, a blocking cookie can only be set for the browser that was used to set it.  If you delete cookies and if you use a different browser or terminal, you will have to block them again.

Preferences do not apply to cookies that are set during your visits to third party web pages.

Your browser allows you to delete all cookies at any time.  In order to do this, please see the support features of your browser.  However, this may cause individual functions to be unavailable.

In addition, you can manage and disable third-party cookies at the following web page:

As we do not operate this website, we are not responsible for and cannot influence its content and availability.


In this section you can find an overview of the cookies used by us.


Certain cookies are required in order to securely provide our online offers.  This category includes, e.g.:


We use analytical cookies to record the user behaviour (e.g., advertising banners accessed, searches performed) of our users and to evaluate it from a statistical point of view.


We also use cookies for advertising purposes.  User behaviour profiles created using such cookies (e.g., advertising banners accessed, subpages visited, searches performed) are used by us to show you personalised advertisements or offers according to your interests (“interest-based advertising”).


Our conversion tracking partners set a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”) if you landed on our website through an advertisement from that partner.  These cookies generally expire after 30 days.  If you visit certain pages that we host and the cookie has not yet expired, our respective conversion tracking partner and us may see that a particular user has accessed the advertisement and has been directed to our page.  The information collected through the conversion cookie is used to create conversion statistics and determine the total number of users who accessed that advertisement and were directed to a page provided with a conversion tracking tag.


Certain pages of our online Offers integrate contents and services from other providers (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), which, in turn may, use cookies and active components.   DBCR cannot influence the processing of personal data by those providers.